The UNO™ UTV Gun & Bow Holder

Model Number: UNO

The UNO™ is a versatile UTV mounted gun rack because it only requires one point of attachment.

• Master Block™: Mounting base attaches at only one place on any UTV bar up to 1 3/4" in diameter.

• Adjustable: Custom fits your gun or bow because the holders can be slid to the correct width and tightened to a custom fit for whatever item you need to carry.

• Universal: Works great on horizontal, vertical or angled UTV bars! The UNO™ comes with all the adjustments needed to be mounted either vertically, horizontally or any angle in between and still holds your gear level.

• Holds Tight: Unique compression rubber honeycomb cushions on the inside of the holders keep your gear held tight.

• Comes with rubber snubbers for use in rough terrain.

It's called the UNO™ because one mounting spot is all you need!

Price: $69.95

The UNO™ UTV Gun & Bow HolderThe UNO™ UTV Gun & Bow Holder with rifleThe UNO™ UTV Gun & Bow Holder with bowThe UNO™ UTV Gun & Bow Holder