Pack Rack® Plus + Premium ATV Gun & Bow Rack

Model Number: PRP1

Heavy duty ATV single gun rack is called the "Plus" version of the popular Pack Rack® because it has soft rubber fins the original doesn't.

• Soft rubber fins and extra rubber in the bottom of the holder help to grip your gear securely.

• Mounting block is made from machined aircraft quality aluminum.

• Can attach to either handlebars or ATV cargo rack railing.

• Rack has an internal steel fork (see cross section below) that is surrounded by soft rubber to keep your equipment secure.

• All Rite's own patented fin design uses alternating long and short rubber fins to cushion objects being carried but don't bind up, making items easier to remove.

• Forks rotate a full 360 degrees so just twist the fork and lock the wing nut for a custom, tighter fit.

• Rubber snubbers are included for use in rough terrain.

The Pack Rack® Plus is also popular for use on shooting carts (see image below).

Price: $38.95

Pack Rack® Plus+Pack Rack® Plus+Pack Rack® Plus+ cross section