Crossbow Pack Rack®

Model Number: CB1

UPC: 082604229810

• For use on ATVs to carry a crossbow with or without a mounted quiver; Master Block attaches to tubular/square bars or railings 1/2” to 1” in diameter

• Internal steel core covered in thick soft rubber; Rubber fins compress around and hold the crossbow in place; Rubber straps attach over holder for added security

• "S-Bars" provide width on the front and cantilever wide or narrow depending upon the shape of the limbs

• Hex standoff extenders can be used to lift the front holder, back holder or both depending on the clearance needed for either the stock or bow end of the crossbow

• Full 360-degree rotation; Firmly grip different sized objects by simply twisting the holder and locking the wing nut

Price: $74.95

ATV Crossbow Holder