ATV Recreational & Trailrider Accessories

Thumbuddy® ATV Throttle Extender

Thumbuddy® ATV Throttle Extender

The Thumbuddy® is an ergonomic thumb throttle extender that attaches to an ATV thumb throttle.

• Quick: 3 nylon zip ties quickly and easily attach the Thumbuddy to any ATV thumb throttle

• Custom Fit: Provides comfort for any size hand.


Thumbuddy® Pro

Thumbuddy® Pro ATV Throttle Extender

For those who want a bolt on throttle extender for ATVs, the Thumbuddy® Pro provides reliable and comfortable throttle control just for you.

• High Quality: Rubber coated stainless steel.

• Two Piece Clamp: Stainless steel segments clamp together…

ATV Gel Grips

ATV Gel Grips™

Get rid of those hard ATV grips and replace them with comfortable Gel Grips™.

• Quickly and easily attaches to all brands and models of ATVs.

• Soft gel and comfort design relieves hand fatigue.

• Provides shock protection superior…

Oasis Drink Cage™ Crossover

Oasis Drink Cage™ Crossover ATV & UTV Drink Holder

Handy drink holder for ATVs or UTVs can be mounted almost anywhere.

• Universal: Carries standard water bottles and 20-ounce plastic soda bottles within reach.

• Secure: Holds drinks even while riding in rough terrain.

• ATV or UTV: Comes…

ATV Seefari® Monopod

ATV Seefari® Monopod

See farther with the Seefari®, the original ATV mounted monopod. With all of the vertical and horizontal adjustments of a standard tripod, the Seefari® can be used with spotting scopes and cameras (35 mm and digital) as well as mini 8mm and VHS-C camcorders. Quick…