Gear Selection Guide


Choose the right product for the right location

ATV / Four-wheeler / Quad

Where is the best place to attach ATV accessories?

Two things to consider when selecting the right product for the right location on an ATV or UTV is convenience and security.

- ATV HANDLEBARS: There is limited real estate available on most ATV handlebars to mount accessories due to ATV controls and brakes. Our handlebar mounted products use an aluminum block to fit in the minimum amount of space. These products include the Single Pack Rack® and the Pack Rack® Plus as well as the ATV Seefari® monopod. Make sure that anything being carried on the handlebars does not interfere with the operation of the machine or the vision of the driver before attaching.

- ATV CARGO RACKS: Front and rear cargo racks can be used to carry items by using the Master Block™ mount that uses two u-bolts per side for extra security. Some products that use the Master Block™ include the Pack Rack® Pro single and double as well as the Oasis Drink Cage™ and Snap in Go Vertical™ tool holder.

- ATV RAILING: Rails allow the rider to mount accessories on either the front or rear of the ATV without sacrificing cargo rack space. Either the aluminum mounting block with one u-bolt per side or the Master Block™ with two u-bolts per side work well. The Master Block™ also has patent pending micro grooves to keep the base from slipping or twisting. If space is a concern, the offset design of the Graspur® single works great!


UTV / Side by Side

- UTV BARS: UTV bars are larger than ATV rails and handlebars so our Master Blocks™ are two-way, meaning they are longer than they are wide. One way fits an ATV rack up to 1" in diameter and the other a UTV bar up to 1 3/4" in diameter. All of our UTV accessories come with large u-bolts to fit around the larger UTV bars. Put a drink holder within reach or a UTV Snap in Go™ on the outside to carry a shovel.

- ANGLED UTV BARS: Since UTV bars can be vertical, horizontal and every angle in between, the UNO™ adjusts to all angles to carry your gun or bow perfectly level. The Master Block™ mount on the other UTV products can be custom fit to just the right position and placement for your convenience.

- CUSTOM UTV SOLUTIONS: Mix and match mounts to custom fit your UTV. The Master Block™ can be mounted on a screen with straight bolts using a flat mounting plate. Then UNO clips can be mounted at 90 degrees on the Master Block™. If you are looking for a specific mounting application, please contact us and we will see if we can help.


Bicycle / Mountain Bike / Fatbike

- HANDLEBARS: Due to the limited real estate on a bike, the handlebars are a great choice to attach a gun or bow rack such as the Pack Rack® or Pack Rack® Plus. High quality 6061 aircraft grade aluminum mounting blocks attach to bars from 5/8" to 1" in diameter.

- OTHER BIKE FRIENDLY PRODUCTS: Other bike friendly products include the Snap in Go™ long handled tool carrier, ATV Gel Grips, Seefari® monopod, Graspur™ gun & bow rack and the Catch & Release™ single and double fishing rod racks. All of these products can be found under the ATV accessory categories listed on the upper left side of this page.

- CUSTOM MOUNT SOLUTIONS: All of our ATV products can be mounted to aftermarket cargo / luggage carriers with tubes from 5/8" to 1" in diameter.